One technology for any type of device and operating system, enhanced by a sophisticated AI supervision and automatic reaction system, with reaction rules that can also be customised at agent level, thus guaranteeing the stability and resilience of IT/OT environments and protecting the strategic IT/OT resources of public and private companies.



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SeaFuture is the Mediterranean hub for the blue economy La Spezia, 05-08/06/2023 at the Naval Base of La Spezia

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Cybersecurity site: CISO working table Rome, 17/05/2023 from 11:30 to 13:30 at Palazzo dei Congressi

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An Italian technology, developed originally for the defense sector and now available for the corporate market – which enables any behavioural anomalies in the infrastructure to be identified and can counter attacks, whilst more importantly, instantly and directly reacting by replicating the actions of a Cyber Security expert.

Our technology supports any Legacy system at the OT level and allows automatic response actions to be customised during the setup phase, even at agent level.


We chose the following markets after carefully researching the problems frequently encountered by these sectors. We quickly realised that maximising resilience to their infrastructure was vital. We have therefore transformed our experience in the military field into Agger; a stable, high-performing solution made available to companies.


Our ALL-IN-ONE platform covers all of a client's corporate security assets without having to integrate different technologies from the various vendors, and can also be integrated with existing technologies, allowing for further security enhancement.


It uses Artificial Intelligence algorithms to detect behavioral anomalies in processes and network traffic, by means of agents and probes.


It continuously analyses the status and configuration of each of the IT/OT infrastructure's clients, servers and devices, and applies detection and reaction rules both globally and for each individual endpoint.


Automatically apply real-time counterattack actions based on its infrastructure knowledge and the services it provides. Reactions can be customised by the client.


Collects and synthesises information on the behaviour of the monitored infrastructure, which is then made available for post-analysis by experts.

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The Gyala Partner Program (GPP) was created with the aim of establishing Partnerships for the sale of the AGGER Cyber Security product.
The programme is structured to reward increased commitment on the part of Partners to proposals and sales.
Advancement through the various levels of the programme is directly proportional to sales and understanding of the solution; each level offers new benefits, sales incentives and recognition for business consolidation and expansion.