Smart-health security, Agger: the Platform that protects IoMT networks

Cyber incidents are potentially destructive and uneconomic for any company, but thinking of the healthcare sector, the stakes are even higher: in addition to the personal data of patients contained in electronic health records, patients could even lose their life.

Protezione e Cyber Resilience dei dispositivi elettromedicali con Gyala – Copy

July 3, 2024

Cybersecurity e sostenibilità – Intervista ad Andrea Storico DATAMANAGER.IT La cybersecurity sta...

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Whitepaper Gyala e NIS2 – Una guida per le aziende sanitarie

July 1, 2024

Gyala e NIS2, il Whitepaper come guida per le aziende sanitarie FORUMPA.IT...

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Sustainability and Cyber Security

April 18, 2024

La sicurezza informatica è legata a filo doppio con la sostenibilità. La...

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