Healthcare, malware attacks in 33% of cases. Nicola Mugnato of Gyala: "Ensuring the safety of clinical engineering is the challenge of today"

How is Italian health care structured in terms of organization and how to work to ensure the correct IT security in such a complex and fragmented system?

Starting from the assumption that: The Italian health has always been traveling on a regional division and that Italy, moreover, is a country that has thought and acted at the level of individual ASL, the Cybersecurity Working Table organized under FORUMSANITA'2023 saw the main Business Directors, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and Data Protection Officer (DPO) of Italian health companies discuss and discuss the main vulnerabilities of the infrastructure of the National Health System.

"Today we have the opportunity to review the structures and safety systems, because we have regulations that give very clear guidelines. In particular, the guidelines of the National Cybersecurity Agency, which indicate how an information security system should work.
In this way a security management system is defined that is not only technology, and is not only policy and documentation, as in the case of the GDPR.
It is about setting up an organization, with well-defined roles and responsibilities. "
An excerpt from the interview with Nicola Mugnato, CTO and Co founder of Gyala published on FORUMPA.IT


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